24 Sep
Commercial Construction On-Site Representative - Safety
United states


Safety-Specific Job Duties:

Acknowledgement and compliance with Vaughn’s Site Specific Safety Plan.

Participate in the Owner Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP) as required.

Conform to Contractor Site Logistics Plan, including the laydown location on the south side of the jobsite.  The construction entrance located off Harry Hines Blvd./Inwood Drive exit, and the construction exit located off Inwood Drive.

Keep current and maintain training documentation related to all worker’s tasks (IE. Fall Protection Training, Ladder Training, Equipment Operator, etc.).  Documentation must contain the following:  company name, tile of trainer(s), date of training, material covered with time spent on each topic, and evaluation process used to determine working understanding of training.

Coordinate and manage deliveries at the jobsite.  Loading and off-loading deliveries must be coordinated thru the Superintendent at least 48 hours in advance.  Qualified flagmen may be required.

Ensure daily cleanup and housekeeping of work areas related to contracted work.

Ensure proper lighting and drinking water is available for our workers and work area/tasks.

Ensure proper access to execute contracted work (IE.  Lifts, Scaffolding, Planking, Swing Stages, etc.).

Ensure all employees are working in compliance with Company Policies and OSHA standards.

Perform all accident investigations within 24 hours, including preparation of written reports per the Injury Reporting procedure.

Make any and all safety corrections immediately upon discovery, even if it requires the cessation of work, or removal of personnel from the work place.

Administrative Duties:

Complete Jobsite Hazard Analysis/Pre-task Safety Planning and any Hot Work Permits.  Must be submitted to the Vaughn Safety Team no later than 7:30am each working day.

Attendance and participation in the Daily Simultaneous Operations Meetings.

Attendance and participation in the Weekly Subcontractor Safety/Coordination Meeting.

Report and document any safety violations to company management immediately.

Ensure compliance and documentation of company Quality Control Program.

Conduct job site safety inspections and complete/submit all associated paperwork/reports

Benefits: Medical, Dental, 401k, Profit Sharing, and Vacation / Personal days earned with time.