11 Sep
Quality Manager (Manufacturing)
United arab emirates

Quality Manager Responsibilities

The Quality Manager is responsible for product quality standards, quality systems and programs company wide.

The Quality Manager is responsible for all ISO compliance, certification, and approval where applicable.

The Quality Manager will create quality standards, sampling and testing procedures required for new products and existing products.

The Quality Manager will investigate and complete any CCRs within a 24 hours period

The Quality Manager will inspect and complete all RMAs containing "made in" parts that have been designated a quality issue.

The Quality Manager will audit and work with suppliers to ensure their quality systems are in line with ours, and hold them accountable to meeting their expected levels of performance.

The Quality Manager will investigate non-conforming products or processes in operations and any customer concerns.

The Quality Manager is responsible for evaluating processes and developing and training personnel on (GMP) good manufacturing processes

The Quality Manager must be able to demonstrate forward thinking strategic and tactical quality initiatives.

The Quality Manager will promote Safety as paramount in importance in the operation.

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