06 Nov
Healthcare Data Analysis
United arab emirates

Dragon Recruiting has a fantastic opportunity for Healthcare Data Analysis to work with one of the prestigious healthcare organization in UAE.

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Health care analysts compile important medical data through the use of computer-based applications. They usually work full-time at health care agencies or hospitals gathering, compiling, modeling, validating, and analyzing data needed by the company. The data is then used to understand the current trends in the health care system and to make well-informed decisions.

Health care analysts may also be asked to develop initiatives for providing more effective health care, as well as resolve current service issues. They must have the ability to manage multiple projects, as well as meet time constraints and expectations. Designing new approaches to health care delivery may also be included within the position.

Health care analysts are responsible for developing reports for upper-level management. They prepare monthly status reports, aid in corporate projects that deal with health care, compare medical budgeting to their prior analysis, and assist in customer service issues. They're also called upon for duties that include developing enhanced reports for their health care agency. All of these duties provide the health care agency with reliable information for their medical staff and patients.

Excellent benefits as per company policy
Education Requirements
required to possess a bachelor's degree in health care administration, mathematics, financing, business, or computer science. Having a master's degree in a related field is preferred, but not required by most hiring health care agencies. Bachelor's degree at minimum; master's degrees may be preferred,4-5 years of experience working with data management systems