10 Jan
Operator Excavator
United arab emirates

Work with ground personnel in the excavation and installation process of laying pipe on line and grade  

Responsible for the safe operation of a large excavator  

Ensure trench is excavated to the proper depth/grade  Responsible for placement of water, storm & sanitary sewer pipe in the excavation  

Ensure all work is conducted in a safe and responsible manner

Follow directions of ground crew regarding craning, gravel placement and grading  

Ability to cut grade with minimal time spent on excavating to ensure production is on schedule.

Be aware of changes in soil conditions and materials that impact operations  Conduct trench work so that it meets OH&S requirements

Perform work in an outdoor construction site setting.  

Bring to Foreman’s attention any irregularities in soil conditions or materials being used.  

Be aware of proper rigging of pipe, manhole barrels, etc. and ensure safe work procedures are followed during lowering of materials into the excavation.

Act in a courteous manner in order to project a positive company image.  

Be observant of the condition of equipment and materials used to ensure company standards are met and promptly report any possible problems or defects.  Other duties as defined from time to time.

1. )Working Hours – 10 hours 2.) Food- Provided 3.)Accommodation – Provided. 4.) Air Ticket – No. 5.) Leave Salary – Yes